If you’re looking for a beautiful website that brings you new clients, Wellness Website Design can help.

Your beautiful website brings you new clients.

That’s what we are all after, right? A gorgeous looking website, that gives visitors a great impression of you.

When somebody googles your city, and your service, where do you rank?

If you google ‘Bend Naturopath’ and ‘Bozeman Naturopath,’ you’ll find our clients’ websites right at the top. That’s because they hired us for the Design + SEO package, and when local patients look for a naturopath near them, they find a beautifully designed and responsive website.

What do people find when they google you?


Sara Mustonen

“Marketing my personal business has a new direction and focus thanks to Caelan.  His talent for listening and understanding combined with his skills for painting the big picture really helps me to spend my advertising budget most effectively for getting the best results.  Not only does he see the big picture from a unique perspective, he is able to map the steps to take my business in the direction that will be most beneficial for me and my clients.”
-Sara Mustonen

smiths“Caelan, what you produced was better then what we had imagined. Furthermore, your customer service has been excellent. You have gotten back to us promptly when we have had questions and you were quick and efficient in making changes as needed. We were thrilled to discover that you have not charged us additional hidden fees and you were able to stay in budget. Your knowledge and action has aided us in entering a new level of growth in our business. We are truly looking forward to a continued relationship with you in the near future. Thank you again.”
-Marie and Mike Smith

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You heard some advice. You need to get on all these social networks, or write about all these subjects, or connect your website to Google Analytics or else nobody will ever know you exist.

The truth is, a website has one simple purpose:

A website should help strangers become customers.

That’s it.

If your website does that, then it’s succeeding.

If your website helps your current customers in doing business with you, that’s even better.

Maybe you’re doing all of this already. Bravo!

If you want to be doing better on the Internet, or you need someone to take a look at what you’ve got and give you a frank and honest opinion, then we should talk.

Free Marketing Consultation

You and Caelan Huntress

Skype and coffee.

One hour.

During this free marketing consultation, you can ask me any questions you want about your website, social media, email newsletter, or digital marketing, and I will open my brain to you.

During this call, I will help you get clear on what is working for your website, what is a waste of time, and how to get where you want to go.

If there are services that I provide that would help you get there, I will recommend them. If you just want a free hour of marketing advice, then schedule a time here:


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Service Packages


[pricing_row]XXXFEATUREXXXX[/fusion_pricing_row] [pricing_row]WordPress Website Design[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Custom Image Slider[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Responsive Layout[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]20 Featured Images[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer]Plugins As Needed[/fusion_pricing_footer]


[pricing_row]Keyword Seeding[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Content Map Optimization[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Sitespeed Optimization[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Backlinking Submission[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]3 Months Rank Monitoring[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer]Select[/fusion_pricing_footer]


[pricing_row]Content Writing for up to 20 Pages[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]XXXFEATUREXXXX[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]XXXFEATUREXXXX[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]HIPAA Form Submission[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Scheduling Calendar[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer]Select[/fusion_pricing_footer]

Optional Add-ons

Graphic Design

[pricing_row]Logo, Brochure, or Flyer[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]3 Rounds of Revision[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Copywriting Included[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer]Signup[/fusion_pricing_footer]

Ebook Production

[pricing_row]Ghostwriting up to 25 pages[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Graphic layout and design[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]3 Rounds of Revision[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer]Select[/fusion_pricing_footer]

Small Shopping Cart

[pricing_row]Feature 1[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Up to 5 Products[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Physical or Digital[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Take Paypal and Credit Cards[/fusion_pricing_row]n]

Large Shopping Cart

[pricing_row]5-50 Products[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Photos and Descriptions[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Affiliate Capabilities[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer]Select[/fusion_pricing_footer]


Terms & Conditions

Our standard process is to collect 50% downpayment to begin work, and collect the final 50% upon satisfactory completion of the project.

We can agree upon separate terms, in writing, before beginning a project.

Grant of Rights

Once full payment is received, Wellness Website Design, LLC grants all rights of the work to the client, for distribution, display, and reproduction.

Wellness Website Design, LLC retains the right to display the work in its own portfolio.

Change in Scope

For projects that contain fixed-cost bids, any change in the agreed-upon scope of work will result in an additional estimate and invoice within five (5) business days.

For projects billed on an hourly basis, if Wellness Website Design, LLC believes that the hours worked will exceed the agreed-upon budget by 10%, we will notify the client as soon as is reasonable, in writing.  If this is agreed to as acceptable by the client, in writing, the final invoice will contain all hours worked.


If the Client cancels this project for the Client’s convenience of for reasons not connected with the performance of Wellness Website Design, LLC, the deposit will not be refunded.

If the Client cancels the project for good cause related to our performance (e.g., neglecting the project, work being performed in a manner that is not timely and professional, etc.), the deposit shall be refunded, less the reasonable value of any deliverables accepted by the Client prior to cancellation for cause.

If the billable work has exceeded the initial down payment, the client will be invoiced for that amount. Once paid, all artwork and coding completed will be given to the client.