Your time is best spent healing.

My time is best spent making your website.


The Big Why

I got into web design because I was surprisingly good at figuring out the Internet.


Hi. I’m Caelan Huntress.

I started making websites when I had to flee the United States with my wife and kids.

Only a few years ago, little girls like my daughter could be denied health insurance. She had a minor problem in her lymph system, and it went away naturally. But because the word “Lymph” came up, my family was gouged by insurance companies, and we ended up losing everything we had.

So we moved to Costa Rica, had a baby, and became permanent residents. Now we have health care for life. Because of Obamacare we could come back, but we don’t use traditional insurance much; we use naturopaths, and homeopathy, and the ancient forms of healing now known as “alternative medicine.”

Because I’m knowledgeable about alternative forms of healing, and I build websites for a living, I found myself working with naturopaths and healers most of the time.

I mean, yes, I make them for other people too – but healers are the people I like to work with. Naturopaths, shamans, spiritual authors, and midwives are actively engaged in helping humans become better people.


Beware the HIPAA


Before I was a web designer, I sold insurance. I’ve been licensed in Life & Health and P & C, so I know the intricacies and complexities that you face in dealing with the insurance industry. I understand how careful you have to be with your language, and what HIPAA says you can and cannot say.


After spending so many years working on the SEO for websites in this space, I can


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I make things happen

Astrological Signs

Capricorn Sun, Aries Rising, Sagitarius Moon

Favorite Parkour Trick

Dash Vault

Favorite Juggling Trick

Flaming Torches

Favorite Quote

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Favorite Color


Favorite Chakra


Favorite Book

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Meyers-Brigg Personality Type

ENTJ – Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgment

Core Desired Feelings

Brilliant, Expansive, Intuitive, Strong

Gallup’s Strength Finder Results

1 – Strategic – 2 – Achiever – 3 – Positivity – 4 – Ideation – 5 – Futuristic

Geekiest Affiliation

Mensa Member