Beautiful Websites For Healers

Wellness Website Design is a WordPress website design agency that specializes in holistic practitioners, naturopathic clinics, and wellness providers.

Healers need websites to get new clients, and let’s face it –

Healers don’t make great web designers.

And web designers don’t make great healers – that’s why I go to my naturopath when I have a health issue.

When my clients have a digital marketing issue, they let me handle it, so they can focus on what they do best: healing.

Let me do the same for you.

“Throughout the entire process of updating and re-designing our website, I was thoroughly impressed with Caelan’s work. His willingness to offer further training to myself and my assistant for continued content updates to out site was a very nice bonus. Ultimately we are very pleased with his work and excited about the new website.”
Wellness Website Design Testimonial 1

Joshua Phillips

Hawthorn Healing Center

“Our website is beautiful! Caelan Huntress did an amazing job.
We didn’t know anything about websites, and he was great in showing us how to make changes to the new site, and to add photos and other edits. He also made some training videos for us so that we can look at them whenever we need to. 
We highly recommend Caelan as he does quality work and he is very easy to work with.”

Wellness Website Design Testimonial 2

Peter Oakley

Panacea Healing Retreat

“Caelan has done a phenomenal job on our SEO. We are the number one site that comes up in our area for any alternative health related search. We are also coming up on the first page of results for conventional medical searches! We love Caelan and his thoughtful, conscientious work on the design and the SEO of our site, thanks Caelan!”

Wellness Website Design Testimonial 2

Alisun Bonville

Spring Integrative Health

Hi. My name is Caelan Huntress.

I started Wellness Website Design so I could help naturopathic doctors and other holistic practitioners with their digital marketing.

I’m a Capricorn, so I feel comfortable working simultaneously in two different worlds. The sea-goat, we are told, is one who can not only survive, but can thrive in drastically different environments.

The World Wide Web is very different from the biology of the gut. In order to describe your medical knowledge through the medium of the Internet, it takes someone with a vocabulary that straddles both worlds.

I speak both code and astrology, and I can describe the difference between a chakra and a dan tien in a Pinterest-friendly infographic.

I can also get you onto the first page of Google, if you’re interested.

Let’s Get Started.